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L.J. Walch is globally recognized as a solution center for Class I, II and III electrical accessories such as Generators, IDG, CSD, Lights, GCU, Ignition Exciters and more. Our engineering department has developed DER Repairs and PMA Product Advancements to improve reliability and lower the cost of over 250 of the products we service. Our work is celebrated for its quality and our warranty is among the best in the industry.

Electrical Power

L. J. Walch Company offers the highest quality aircraft electrical components. Our trained technicians have the ability to perform tests, inspections, repairs, and overhauls that are crucial to your operation. We enhance reliability and service time by implementing state of the art procedures.

Electrical Accessories

At the L. J. Walch Company you will find that we are able to service and supply a variety of Class I, II, and III electrical accessories. We understand the importance of delivering quality components with cost effective solutions; which is why we provide a large no-cost exchange pool on most electrical accessories.

Lights and Ignition Exciters

The L. J. Walch Company provides the highest quality lights and ignition exciters for our customers. It is vital that lights and ignition exciters remain dependable, which is why we stand behind the quality of the units we provide and offer a 2 year or 2000 hour warranty on our workmanship.

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